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VANZO is since 1990 distributor in the Benelux of components for dies of a very high quality. Our partners with world fame are at the top of innovating technology.


Dayton Lamina is the world-wide industry leader in the production of catalog and special punches, die components, die details, punch blanks and metal stamping tools. The full line of tooling includes everything in your bills of material: punches, die buttons, pins & bushings, wear and guide components, die springs, cams, die details, punch retainers and more.


Dayton Progress France is manufacturer of DIN punches and AFNOR guiding elements.


Special Springs is a manufacturer of mechanical wire die springs per ISO 10243, US-NAAMS and JIS B5012 standards. Special Springs is also a manufacturer of nitrogen cylinders. It has developed the new and improved Lifeplus Concept, which includes a series of safety devices meant to increase and improve safety and life of gas cylinders: OSAS, USAS, OPAS, SKUDO.


IEM is the leading manufacturer of die making supplies and components for industry according to ISO, NAAMS and VDI norms. It provides high quality products and services, innovative development, and custom products. IEM is the name for trusted solutions and innovation for the global parts forming industry.


A.E.M. is a manufacturer of polyurethane elastomers springs. The starting-point for producing those materials is a polyurethane compound, one of the best in the world, namely ADIPRENE. The mixture of it with other components has repeatedly improved manufacturing technology and quality as well as simultaneously allowing innovation in multiple industries.


OMCR Die Components line offers an extraordinary variety of items according to the norms of the main automotive firms. The Lifting and Sliding Elements lines offer an extraordinary variety of items. Bushes, guide posts, plates, drivers, etc. are produced according to AFNOR, DIN, NAAMS, VDI, norms.


Specializing in carbide tools, Zecha draws on more than 50 years of experience. Their strength lies in radially symmetric and polished tungsten carbide tools with finely detailed shapes and minimal tolerances. They achieve concentricities of <1 µm both for the individual tools as well as the tools produced in series.


Zecha develops and manufactures the latest geometries and tools for unique applications in international markets including Automotive & Avionics, Turning technology, Dental Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Implantology, Plastics Processing, Medical Technology, Tool Making, Mould Making, in addition to Watch & Jewellery industries.


Tecnomatic S.r.l. manufactures innovative coil feeding and press automation devices. It provides its customers with the most technically excellent, cost-effective and innovative solutions for the cold metal stamping industry: Pneumatic feeders, electronic roll feeders, de-coilers, band straighteners, coil lines, manipulators, mechanic and electronic transfers.


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